Slow Shutter -- Experiments with colour

Slow Shutter is an App for the I-phone (it may be Android as well).  I wanted to capture some of the movement in the grasses and ferns that grow by the pond, so I thought I’d give the phone app a try.  Unfortunately the phone rang just as I was going to take another image - not even for me!  And then we lost the light, so I’ve been looking through my archive to see which images might work when overlaid with this one.  In the end I’ve settled for one of the fan-vaulted ceiling that I took in Petererbrough a few weeks ago.  I combined the two using another an I-phone App called PhotoSplit which only works on the iPhone or iPad.  Because the background image is so soft it’s the colours that come into play when the two images are combined.  (see extra).
I’ve been sorting through my multiple exposure flower photos with a view to putting them on my website, which is probably what inspired me to pursue this experimental route today.  More experiments will follow I’m sure.
I’ve also been feeling inspired about printmaking again (though haven’t put anything into action as yet).  I was looking at the website of Trevor Pollard last night and love the colours he uses and the abstract forms.  I’d quite like to be like him when I grow up!
Hairdressers and then lunch (for the third time this week) and we have food in the fridge that we ought to eat up.    
It’s been very wet and windy here over the last two days and I’ve been feeling unusually tired so I’ve been taking a few days blip holiday.

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