Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Another chilly day with sudden downpours (after I'd hung out the towels, having believed the weather forecast) took us for a vigorous hike up the appropriately-named Bishop's Glen, climbing steeply up the side of the glen to the upper track. We left our car at Holy Trinity, popped in to check that the organ hadn't been fiddled with in our absence, chatted to a couple of visitors and set off. Before we went, I was surprised by the wonderful burst of flame-colour on the upper part of the large bush beside the church; I suppose I'd forgotten it's an azalea and liable to such change. Anyway, it seemed to warm up the day and cheered me up too.

It wasn't the same, however, to walk down the glen and not meet Swiftmidges and Molly - off to be a Bishop in another glen! 

No, not Molly ...

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