Occasionally Focused

By tsuken

Lori XS


Mrs tsuken’s new iPhone XS Max arrived yesterday. I’ve been comparing the camera to that in my iPhone X, and oh dear...

The new iPhones have cameras with a 30% larger sensor, so more light and resolution, and less noise. On top of that are utterly unfeasible increases in processing power: 600 billion operations per second.

... that's in the iPhone X.

... the XS manages a quite implausible 5 trillion operations per second.

The amount of oomph thereby applied to photography is ridiculous, with not just the GPU, but a "neural engine" which is, apparently, a Very Good Thing.

I really did not expect there would be that sort of jump between these cameras. Just bonkers.

(I’m not sure about Flickr accepting the full-size image from the iPhone app; here on Blip it’s lacking in resolution, so you’ll just have to believe me) xP

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