...of all kinds

exist everywhere you look - be it on a human - animal - plant - insect - or flower, like this one - do you see it? - sometimes it's fairly evident and others - you need to really search a bit in order - to notice the defect

as with anything, imperfections hold perspective - some will view them as ugly, turning away - while others aren't impacted at all - may in fact deem them beautiful - consider them an enhancement to what's already there - i believe in some way - as human beings at least - we all have something we could consider - an imperfection about us - that one thing which makes us uncomfortable - nervous or anxious if it were pointed out

wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we could all - be recognized as valued just as we are - imperfections and all - when i saw this flower, i didn't immediately see - the flaw at all - i only noticed it on the upload, looking closely on the computer - and even then thought it enhanced the beauty - of the lily

i found this song which speaks - to what i've been saying - i hope in some small way - it also speaks to you - - and through it you will experience...


happy day.....

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