Silly Kids for Silly Saturday

I took a few "nice" shots of things in the greenhouse but then later we went up to babysit for a wee while and put the kids to bed. When we played with them they both did silly things. J made a shoe out of lego .......not very comfortable but very creative. M did this silly handstand. She had already been to gymnastics. That's how she remembers her days. Saturday=gymnastics Monday=swimming etc.
When you put her to bed you have to sing songs to her as well as a story of course.  I quite like the song bit. J is very particular that things should be done the same way as Mummy and Daddy do them. They both get a song while brushing their teeth but I didn't know the song so I was in a bit of trouble there with J. Then M has to have her clock set for the morning and I didn't know how to do that. J was worried that she might not know when she was allowed to get up. He is a very conscientious boy. I wouldn't want him to be a worried boy though. Miss M doesn't bother a hoot. I think it is funny that both the boy grandchildren are the caring ones and the girls couldn't care less........... things will change no doubt.
It was a lovely day but it is going to be a cold night. Temperature outside was 4 C right now which was what was predicted.
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