Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Amazing autumn

At last - enough sunshine for me to feel I can bear being home again! After a busy morning followed by a jolly (and very talkative) lunch with our friends, we waved them off to Oban on the next stage of their trip and had walk in Benmore Gardens, our first since our return. The gardens were closed for a day last week to allow the gardeners to clear up the debris after the storm, and great piles of branches still sit waiting for disposal, but the sun was shining through this delicate tree beside the path and lighting up the extraordinary colours of the leaves. 

This photo is completely untouched; the moment I took it I knew it would be my Blip and that it would look amazing on a phone screen as well as on a bigger computer. Funny how light I feel when I know I have my Blip in the bag ...

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