Marking Time

By Libra

The oak tree

While I am confined “ to barracks” following knee surgery it looks s if the garden is going to be my major source of images for Blipfoto .
Today I came across these acorns at the bottom of the garden and it reminded me of Michael Craig-Martin’s highly controversial art work in 1973 “The Oak Tree”.
In reality it was a glass of water mounted on a glass plate in a gallery with some accompanying text.
What’s it about? Well it’s all to do with transubstantiation, the substituting of one thing for another i.e.  water for the blood of Christ.
In reality it amounts to convincing a large number of people that what you are doing is groundbreaking conceptual art.
The work came temporarily unstuck when it was imported into Australia and they refused to admit it on the grounds that it was “vegetation”.
Martin Craig was forced to admit that it was a glass of water.
And the oak tree was simply an idea he implanted in people minds.
What do you think?
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Alexa joke:
"What is the tallest building in the world?"
" A library because it has the most stories."

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