Celebrate life

I watched
And acted wordlessly
As piece by piece
You performed your story
Moving through an unknown past
Dancing at the funeral party

Mum takes me to Bedwyn. From Paddington to Kings Cross. And there I discover that my train to Edinburgh terminates at Newcastle. No trains at all into Scotland. Advised to come back tomorrow.

Undaunted, I travel to Newcastle and they lay on a bus to Edinburgh. My car’s at Maybury, so another short bus journey. And then to Portobello to remember Catriona and celebrate her life.

It’s after nine when I get there and only the hard core family are left - children and grand children. It’s still thinning. The wine runs out. Babs seeks grappa and tequila, both of a sipping quality.

The few remnants dance. Spice Girls, Steps - music of the younger generation - Laura, Pegeidh, Alice.

Nick goes for a rest. The girls take a walk on the prom. Babs and I toast Catriona in tequila.

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