Day Today

By Feathers14

Your Lace is Untied

Wa-hey! The puns return...

Lace was an event put on by OPS consisting of a fashion show, musical performance and dance routines (yeah, obviously it was dance related). The untied bit comes as a metaphor for getting drunk (I'll explain later)...

My housemate, Kris, was choreographing part of the show so we went along to support and the show was absolutely crazy - really good.

I was taking mostly video footage of the event but I did take a few photos and this one was a particularly lucky one because the spotlight lined up with Henry's ear (he doesn't have a torch as an earring) which gives it a nice touch. This was taken about halfway through the night just before Henry carried on getting absolutely on it... Completely untied.

I was using the built-in flash and it also came out not completely-crap which was another factor why I picked this photograph to be my picture of this day.

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