By MerlinJ

Two new hobbies

Hmmmmm, perhaps you're not meant to use ALL the available photo processing effects in a single picture?

Anyway, I had fun with this, and the subject is the gym that I joined a few weeks ago. I'm really enjoying going, and beginning to notice the difference. So today, I'm combining my two new hobbies.

And in other news, I was elected Vice President of our Highland Games at the AGM last night! As far as I can tell, it's a post which carries no discernible duties - which suits me fine. I'm still Heavyweight Convenor, which has to be the best job-title ever. I'm glad to say that the Heavyweight description applies to the competitors, not to me. And I'm also official caber-tossing judge. These jobs DO carry lots of duties and responsibilities, so I feel that I'm doing my bit.

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