3Amigos go on a journey

Well the Three Amigos and I set off early this morning for Dunedin a three hour drive from where I live. The weather was atrocious rain all the way and cold. We were there to visit my terminally ill cousin. She was having a good day so took her out for lunch. After that visited my sisters and the Amigos were glad to visit also and sat on her window sill (in extras) and looked out on a very wet world so they didn’t get a very good impression of Dunedin but at least they can say they have been there.
Drove back as far as Palmerston to my sons farm in teeming rain which made for difficult driving
The Amigos were glad to get here and climbed up on a chair on the terrace and looked out at the cattle who all came up to the fence to see what the commotion was all about.
They went to sleep quite excited as in the morning they are going to visit with my grandsons nine chocolate Labrador puppies which he is in the process of selling.
Sorry about no commenting yesterday just far to involved in other things like photo editing of the Australian wedding and sending them off to them. They were all keen to see my photos as the professional ones they don’t get for 8 weeks

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