An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller


Yes, Olympic legend Mo Farah is seen to be leaping hungrily at some tasty shrubbery...

He's actually in the current Virgin media advertising campaigns and this giant poster is on the entire side of a house, on the way in to Salisbury. I first saw it on Sunday, returning from my autumnal shoot and 'Heading West' Blip.

I've been back each day since, taking roughly the same pictures and waiting for a day in which I could upload one onto Blip. Ironically it'll be via this very service that my image will get seen by everybody - on this shot, the closest I zoomed in, I had to lean hard against a railway bridge to the get the greenery where it is and I upped the contrast and sharpness too, to give it more impact and 'zing'. I also upped the green, separately, to make that essential part stand out better.

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