Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight


A small group of actors performing for a small audiance a dramatic piece on Honour Related Violence. That is a family drama what runs beyond the people involved since it's discussed and ordealed by the extended family relations, nearby and far away, who often speak out a verdict and demand bloodshed in order to restore their family's honour. Such is usually against the woman / mother / daughter whom they accuse of dishonesty.

Situations I long believed to be from the past, but they're happening still and it's assumed that within our country twelve people perish annually coz of this stubborn tribal tradition. It should have been banished nowadays, but seems not; even  youngsters here consider Family Honour a value that may ask a life to be taken. Really, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the few saying so.

Honour Related Violence mainly happens within families with roots in other cultures than the Dutch culture and it does inflict in intercultural marriages too. The best remedy is open communication and defying the taboo culture around this bad traditon.

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