Mmmmm, mint!

Have to give that a try. I do rather like minty chocolate - and a Mint Lindt has a nice ring to it.

What a chilly start to the day! It warmed up for a nice sunny lunchtime walk and then turned chilly again for our time on the touchline watching Leo’s footie practice, and even chillier again when I headed home at 9pm after ringing practice. It t is definitely time to get all the woolies out.

Leo is very excited as Tuesday means no school lessons for him as he is spending the whole day at a football tournament organised by the School.

And Ian is off to London for a few days - mainlyfor work but he is also fitting in a gaming exhibition at the V&A with a nice day off at the end of the stint.

Just work as normal for me - ah well. At least I have my m8nt6 chocolate for a treat :)

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