By monochrome

Gateway to the Manhattan Bridge

It was forecast for snow today, and that's what we've got. Snow. And plenty of it - it's been snowing constantly since we woke up, and hasn't let up yet. Luckily it's not lying (or accumulating as the yanks say), however it's still pretty miserable to walk around in.
We attempted to go on a mini walking-tour of Chinatown and Little Italy, however the cold was getting a bit too much, and our jeans were a bit wet from the snow/puddles, so we decided to call the walk off after Chinatown. For the most part, the snow prevented me from taking my DSLR out of the bag, however I did brave rattling off a few shots of the entrance to the Manhattan bridge, before quickly hurrying off to Starbucks for a coffee and a warm up.

No other significant photos today, save for this photo of a couple of Brownstone buildings. Look familiar? They were featured on the front cover of Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffiti" (being a massive Zep fan, this was one of the reasons for travelling half way across the city to visit this street - the other one is linked below).
Also, a block or two down from the Zep buildings is this cafe, formally known as Sin-é, where Jeff Buckley regularly played, and, being a massive Buckley fan too, was the other reason for visiting this street. I don't think the wife was too impressed at walking all the way there in the snow, just to take a few photos of some inconspicuous buildings :)

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