A slow, relaxed day in Santiago de Compostela today, visiting the Cathedral. This Blip shows its massive cloister, two floors above the ground level. 

One of the cathedral's claims to fame is the botafumeiro - the largest censer in the world, at 1.6 metres in height.  The original is kept in the museum, watched by a keen security guard, preventing photography.  The one hanging in the cathedral is a replica. The original is used on special occasions to spread incense over the congregation, swung by eight men pulling on a long rope. It is said to be an unnerving sight but has only fallen-off twice. One of those occasions was a special mass to wish Catherine of Aragon good luck on her journey to marry Henry VIII of England. Oops!

A few other shots of Santiago: 

some of those living statues - which I usually find annoying;
people comparing sore feet;
seated statue in the Alameda park - who reminded me of Vivian Stanshall;
the light of the setting sun on the cathedral towers.

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