By Julescanon


So where do I even begin?

Okay, so long story in one paragraph:
I found my doggo had a huge lump between her bum and hip, went to the vets, agreed treatment, needle biopsy & meds. Conclusion was inconclusive. Lump needed removed, full lump biopsy done. Basically today she got the all clear and her stitches out. We can go walking again. I had my annual biopsy appointment yesterday and my surgeon gave me all clear. Ovarian cyst has now completely gone, cancer risk reduced, no hysterectomy required! Breathe! Daughter has settled in her new uni routine, son done his first ever cross country championships today and I’m totally chilled out and the head fuckage is gone. People can ignore me if they want, if I post stuff up and it hit a nerve, they need to ask themselves why? So I’m chillin in the tub with my lush bath bomb and a good book on my kindle.

That was a long paragraph eh? Did ye remember to breathe along the way? Hope you are all keeping well and good and happy and smiling. Cuz life’s too short not to x

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