Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Heading home...

We were sorely tempted at breakfast today to just drive north to Jasper and Yellowstone which were not far away but actually we were tired of driving and needed lower not higher altitude ( 1st time I’ve ever paid attention to that due to my heart) and then we saw a new wildfire right where we’d be going so came to our senses ... headed from Utah through Idaho into Oregon and clear skies ( we are in Pendleton) ... this is typical of the golden hills in this part of NE Oregon..... lots of wind farms... which provide only a small percentage of energy for use. They were working hard today! Extra is a picturesque seen better days barn in Idaho.. a beautiful drive always new awesome sights., no red rocks here.

Learned lots about the car electronics. much more to go. (Need to learn to TALK to Olga about navigation :-)) And for the first time After we decided where we were going, I got a room at our favorite hotel chain on the app on my phone, , picked the room, and got a digital key which means I could open all the doors with my phone! Awesome to me. What next?

So tomorrow one more adventure planned and we’ll be sleeping in our own bed if all goes well...

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