I was crossing one of the new footbridges on the highwalk this morning, above London Wall, when I spotted this great patch of sunlight making for some interesting shadows as people passed by.  I didn't quite nail the focus (with my Helios lens), and have no idea what aperture it was set to, so it's not exactly techically perfect, but I do love the shape of her shadow, and the fact that it looks like she might have spotted me (had no idea of that at the time).

Another CRM workshop this morning, though it didn't end up being as long as planned (not for me, anyway - I managed to escape after not much more than a couple of hours).  Still feeling coldy and tired though, so wasn't at my most productive.  

I popped over to the Barbican library at lunchtime and got a few travel guides to North Devon for our holiday.  After work, I walked over to One New Change to buy a couple of lint rollers.  Tried to call my friend Katherine on the way; left her a voicemail.  My friend Lizzie then called me, so I had a nice chat with her while I was shopping.  Went and caught the train home, and Katherine phoned me back - had a lovely long catch-up with her, too.

Cleaned up our waterproofs with the lint rollers tonight.  Tim had re-waterproofed them with some wash-in stuff, but it was out of date and resulted in lots of little gluey bobbles all over the place.  Annoying, but mostly sorted now.  Also took in an Ocado delivery tonight - quite a busy evening.

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