Abstract Thursday: "Motion"

I've had an awayday to London today for a "leaving do". From 1998-2013 I did a lot of work with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, mainly on redesigning the curriculum and assessments for trainee eye surgeons, and during that time I made some excellent friends amongst the staff at the College. One of my favourite staff members has had a lifelong struggle against medical problems and has finally had to take early retirement on medical grounds, so I wanted to be present at her party. It was lovely to see her again - along with lots of my other friends too of course.

This gave me the opportunity to take some photos in London. Ingeborg's Abstract Thursday challenge this week is "Motion", so I photographed this moving red London bus whilst panning the camera - but I deliberately didn't synchronise the panning with the movement of the bus so that it would produce a "proper" abstract. This is more or less straight-out-of-camera, with no clever photoshopping - just a slight tweak of the contrast.

There was a magnificent sunset, so I'll add an extra of the lovely colours reflected in some windows.

Getting the photos onto blip was a bit of a struggle as I'm doing the upload on the train back home and I forgot to bring a card reader or a USB lead with the right connector for the camera! Happily the camera has a wifi function which links to my phone, so first I used that to get the photos onto the phone. I do have a lead to connect the phone to my laptop so then I got them onto that. (I know you can blip directly from the phone but I prefer to use the laptop.) LNER trains give you free wifi if you've bought your tickets directly from them - which I did : blip sorted at last!

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