simple moments

By simplemoments

on the wings...

...of an iris

which sort of looks like a butterflies' wings - can you see it? - or is it just me - my goofy sense of imagination - and if so, that's okay - because we're all different in what we can perceive - in the world around us

for me, it's just that the more i stared - at these petals through my camera - the more i saw butterfly wings - and thought 'huh' - isn't that most unusual yet beautiful - we all have the ability to 'see' differences - around us, notice change in the landscape - we all perceive it in a variety of ways - which is what makes it individual and unique

the same way i see these petals as wings - while others - may not however i urge you to give it - a try to see if you can see - what i see, then make it...


happy day.....

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