I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Glasses Everywhere

I was surprised when I looked up my blip saying goodbye to my glasses. It was exactly two years ago. I thought cataract surgery would free me from wearing glasses. Little did I know that I would have a pair of reading glasses everywhere in the house that I might need them.

My biggest frustration is with my photography. I can see fine when taking my pictures, but need the readers if I want to check if the focus is good in the viewfinder. Instead of the constant on and off, I usually just hope and pray that my images are in focus.

Today I had an eye exam and ordered a pair of glasses that I can wear full time and not have to deal with this pile of glasses any longer. 

I am hopeful that this will be the answer to my struggles with my vision.

I am grateful, that soon, I won't be looking for a pair of glasses when I want to see something up close.

Until tomorrow....

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