By MrsPuff

Born to be Wild

Mario and I are currently hosting the Three Amigos.

They arrived yesterday, and after a good night's kip, they were ready for action. 
I was going to take them to the beach, but they noticed my custom-made motorcycle, which was specially built for toy dogs, and they got ever so excited, so I let them have a play while I took some photos.

But then, who should wander over to see what the commotion was? Sweetpea! The Three Amigos were so happy and excited to see her, they could barely contain themselves!

Anyway, they've worn themselves out now, and are currently napping in the dining room. I've made sure they have a window view, so when they wake up, they'll have something interesting to look at.

The Three Amigos belong to Kelso and are  modeled from her real doggies.
The toys are making their way around the globe, and are having a great time in New Zealand.

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