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By HarlingDarling

At the risk of repeating myself

A much more energetic day today.
drove to town to meet Keith who had cycled in for some blood tests - on an empty stomach since 8 last night, no less! what a hero.

Then we helped set up the best flea market in the town - Lions' flea market to raise cash for cancer research in Umeå. our nearest teaching hospital. That was interesting and rewarding, but also bloody freezing in an unheated wooden building. Other people were labouring outdoors so I should shut up and get on with it.

Tomorrow I will help set things up and then I will become a customer. I haven't been allocated a job to do so it feels ok to not take one! I love browsing. That will be a lot of fun, I always meet loads of people I know....

Went vegetable shopping at Lidl, my go to place for the freshest veg and fruit. They had "cactus figs" which we saw growing as a crop on Mallorca but not in the shops. These ones are from Sicily and come with instructions, thankfully. Whist I was doing that Keith cycled home, in the rain storm... I prefer the car.

We had a very late lunch then I got cracking at Betty's and these are some of the pictures that fell out of my fingertips. I was up there for about 3 hours, the creativity seems to go in 3 hour bursts - then pasta is needed, or human company, or a walk.

Early night tonight as we have duties early tomorrow. At sparrow fart, as the Australians had it - at least according to Barry Norman in the 70s!

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