a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Destined for demolition

A shot of the not quite derelict substation building at the former Westinghouse Brake and Signal Company engineering works site in Chippenham.  The sub-station is still live, but due to be decommissioned and replaced shortly.

My working week is finally over and I have the delights of a week away from work next week with Cathy.  The pressure to leave work responsibilities in good order before I take leave sometimes makes me wonder whether it is actually worth having holidays.  In many ways I feel as though I've actually done 2 weeks work this week - still we can now look forward to relaxing and pleasing ourselves - its almost like the life my retired friends and family lead .... except that Cathy and I will be going back to work the week after next, but there's no need to think about that just at the moment. 

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