Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Top - power LED lighting strip constructed to replace the wrecked remnants of the original one, with associated 'tide mark' showing how flooded the unit had been. The damaged one is from a light unit that's built into an outside wall, and it, along with several others, lights up a walkway, and seating area. The snazzy (i.e. expensive) Italian designed items are no longer made, less than three years after being installed, and the manufacturer doesn't supply, or have, any spares. Hmmm... so much for lasting 25 years.

Muggins offered to have a look, and soon found there wasn't a great deal to the internals, so making a replacement or substitute hasn't been too difficult, or expensive. Yet to be fitted and tested in place. Suspect mass production of the design may be required, as at least one other unit is well flooded.

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