By don_T

Final indoor cycling structured training

This was our 4th & last session of 3rd level structured training for indoor cycling. Last week my sweetie topped over and banged his knee going slowly around cones, this week it was my turn. With 20 minutes left of our total 6 hrs of training the rider ahead of me clipped the tire ahead of her, wobbled and fell in front of me and I had no where to go to get around her and went down as well it was pretty big, alot of bouncing and sliding down the 'self cleaning' track. Both our tires were bent and we needed new bikes. My shoulder took the brunt of my fall and I smacked my head - glad I had a good helmet. I was able to ride the final 5 minutes to shake it off. This is a pic with our friends who did the training with us, just a shame to end an otherwise perfect set of sessions.

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