Sieze the day

By Mario

Three Amigos meet the President

Bill is our Run Timaru Club President and the 3 Amigos got to meet him. They also got to meet some other special people Martina on the top branch, is getting married to Ben tomorrow and Leanne who had her birthday yesterday. When Trigger found out Bill is a retired Orthopedic Surgeon he asked cheekily did you bury any bones and Bill quickly responded and said no only our mistakes. Trigger got to meet the fastest runner in our Club, Sam, who just happens to be Ben's Brother ; Sam is a New Zealand Marathon Champion and can run a Marathon in 2:16.03, Rowan said to Trigger you can run that fast and Kelso said quietly I think you've got your work cut out there son. Rowan had a special bond with Beks who is the mum of a wee Jack Russel called Buzz. Kelso was happy to wish Leanne a Happy Birthday and asked her all a bout being a Nurse

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