Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Fantail family.

Blipmate and I had a wonderful outing this morning to Sanctuary Pond. We saw two hawks soaring and  interacting in the sky (sadly not quite sharp enough); a swan with cygnets; an eel going overland; two pukekos ensuring the next generation; and  a little family of two fantail chicks. The blip is the 2 fantail chicks being fed.

The fantails were pointed out to us by another friend who was there with her camera. They were in the depths of a bush and it was hard to capture them without a leaf or a branch in the way. It was the first time I have seen a  fantail chick and they are almost as big as the parent bird. Being fantails, they are still tiny.

Extra number 1 - Mother swan and her two cygnets
Extra number 2 - the eel
Extra number 3 - Pukeko love
Extra number 4 - the two fantail chicks

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