By daisyconnor

Snow White...

vs Mrs Beeton!
Woke up (earlyish). 
Legged it down to Queens.
Stocked up on life's essentials...Wine, Gin that sort of thing.
Popped into the charity shop (important to do your bit) and bought a fax copy of Mrs Beeton's Household Management. Must have taken someone absolutely ages to fax this little lot! 
Also bought a lovely illustrated book, 'The Darkling Thrush and other Poems' by the ever cheerful , Mr Thomas Hardy. 
Legged it back. 
After that looked at a few pictures of my beautiful grandson who's been incubated quite enough, thank you! :-)
Now then,  what should he be named... Harold, James, Dylan, Thomas, Andrew, Finian or Finn?
Oh, I almost forgot to mention Snow White won, yippee and for all you lovely sloths out there here is tune for Saturday ears. :) 

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