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By HarlingDarling

Flea Market = bargains = ?

Lion's flea market is an institution in Härnösand, and is often really busy. This year there was a steady stream of punters but not crowds of bargain hunters fighting over the space near the counters like some years. I was grateful for that.

We arrived shortly after 8.30 to help set up shop for the opening at 10. In the first extra you can see some of that going on. And also two of my bargains. A red wool carpet from Pakistan, hopefully not knotted by hungry children's fingers - but how would I know? And a blue fox fur coat that certainly involved the death of many an animal, probably a long time ago, which I bought half price at the end of the day. 

I kept seeing people trying it on, they all looked elegant and lovely but it was still hanging there as we were closing down. I was encouraged to try it on, and discovered a few torn areas round the fastenings... therefore half price - yours for ten quid Madam! I have had my half circular needles out and mended it, and removed the white tacking threads that were all over the place half hidden in the long fur. It was donated by a woman who was moving south, where such a garment would perhaps be less useful. It fits me and is super warm. 

And winter is coming. As you can see in the second extra - the pretty convincing frost that had formed in the night, the first of the season - and actually very late. It sometimes arrives in August! It was pretty nippy standing around at the flea market and the workers were glad of the odd coffee and hot dog indoors - and a warm up. I'm so impressed by the amount of work that goes into this event, and the dedication to order and safety and to selling at very reasonable prices to shift the stuff. It feels great to know many a family will be delighted to have new furniture and household stuff for a fraction of the new price. About 22,000 kronor was raised, about £2000, for cancer research at the northern teaching hospital in Umeå.

Keith was selling banana boxes full of things, lucky dip - no opening the boxes - you can peep through the hole in the top! £5 for one 3 for £10. One family bought 9 boxes, so you can see what a deal it was! I bought just one, and it was full of hand made, some even hand woven, textiles. The tea-towels are linen, and whoever "C" was, she never wanted to run out of embroidered tea-towels when she was preparing her wedding linens.I think there are 18 here, plus a heap of other cloths, and white lace curtains, and only a couple of duds. Wonderful boxload!

There is a token glass in the main picture. It represents the other 7 of the same sort, and is symbolic of the 8 whisky glasses and 8 shot glasses that were part of the set. We have nowhere to put them of course, so some of ours will have to be passed on. And round it all goes. Keith has the sparkling glasses as one of his extras.Right here!

We re now tired out! Two very early mornings, no yoga, hanging about in the cold, plus the excitement of bargains and slightly mad purchases. That fur coat, I mean honestly? Will it get used? will it become a cosy throw for the sofa? Or will it be back at Lion's next year?!!

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