By snailspace

On knowing one's oignons...

There is a Sunday Market in Chagny. We walked out to take a look but were quite late in arriving so did not get the best of it. Had we realised just how large and vibrant the market was I am sure that we would have been out there far sooner. 

Due to the fact that we are about to disembark the moho and embark a boat, we might have purchased more but we restricted ourselves to a punnet of black figs and some of the local runny cheese to have with them. I also bought a wrap as I felt the lack of one on Thursday at midnight.

The food section of the market had some excellent offerings and I liked the way that the shops there had also put out stalls. Everything was of tip top quality, though the same might not be said of the clothing and accessories stalls. 

Being France there was of course a live animal section - mainly poultry but also peafowl and baby Guinea Pigs.

Much fun. Sadly few photos. Mental note made to arrive next time on a Saturday evening and with an empty fridge,

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