One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Shutter-related anxiety

I shouldn't have said it. I should have kept my big trap shut. 
Only a few days ago, I was remarking to MrSmith that the new-to-me 10 year old EOS 50D bought on eBay has been behaving like a brand new camera. Except that it was manufactured ten years ago. And that the race for new sensors is mostly a big gimmick aimed at squeezing cash out of the punters at regular intervals. 
I believe that my new-to-me camera has had only one very meticulous Japanese owner, who photographed the cherry blossoms three years in a row, took no more than 2,000 photographs in total, and then put the camera away until he decided to put it on eBay six months ago. 
The camera has been so used to the delicate touch of its careful owner that it wasn't quite prepared for the rough life of a Raheny Eye camera. 
It's got laryngitis. It makes a painful sound when its mirror flips. It still flips alright, but the sound is not quite as fluid as it should be. 
I did tell Mimi that the sound is not quite as it should be. She agreed. She listened once. Twice. And agreed that it didn't sound quite right. 
Today's shot is her hearing that the camera doesn't sound quite right. 

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