By don_T

Home Sweet Home

I was tied to my home sweet home today as my lower back completely seized and I can hardly walk. It was getting worse last night but today it is brutal. I booked a mid day massage/assessment by my lymphatic massage specialist across the street. It took me ages to hobble there and I was way worse when I left, but after a lie down with a hot water bottle I was better. Soooooo I baked! Banana choc chip muffins, 2 batches of granola & many choc chip cookies. I will need to do cinnamon buns tomorrow in preparation for our corporate charitable campaign kickoff on Monday (I am co- chair). I ate my way thru my back pain. Kitty enjoyed me at home (my sweetie was I Peterborough at a regatta & had 2 races). I likely have a couple of weeks of back pain ahead of me before I no longer feel it - i may try accupuncture on Monday if the pain does not ease.

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