Headless Bear

She liked that expression. We had to mend him with hot glue.
He is better now. second shot of her trying to make the bear silly.
Today Miss M did a jigsaw with Grandad, swimming lesson, chatting, ate an apple, lunch, watched TV, did the jigsaw with Granny, cuddled up with Granny and read about Santa and Paddington Bear, said that she did not want to go for a walk and when she saw the rain she said that was why she didn't want to go, did painting and drawing with Granny, played with sand dough and wanted to cut it with a knife, said that she didn't want that fish for dinner but Granny made that fish and called it salmon even although it was a big trout that she didn't like the look of. Then she played with trains and scratched Granny's back. She thought that that was funny. Mummy came to get her but stayed for a chat. Mummy had a very smart outfit on.

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