Up to Kingston to check for dresses in A’s size and buy some bits and pieces for the wedding. Sat in M&S for a while with coffee checking through my lists and making phone calls to try and help P with his cleaning needs and hearing aids issues. Doubt he’ll thank me for interfering but I’m worried he’s getting isolated and not coping. We’ll see.
Over to T’s and we had a nice walk with Heston round the lake. Lovely sunny weather and a great view of the brick chimneys that are apparently due to be demolished. Afterwards we set off to Woburn for lunch with T his best man-chatting about America and his work there, their stag experiences and wedding plans. We were all very restrained and had salads since they had to have their final suit fitting. They both looked amazing-the suits fit beautifully.
Left them chatting and headed round to K’s for tea and chat. She was trying to make golden snitches (a la Harry Potter) for the sweets table at the wedding-complicated!
Mt&H called and I joined them up in the city centre where AR was enjoying the new trampolining centre. Looked great fun and they were all exhausted afterwards! We had dinner at Wagamama’s (AR ate everything on her plate!) then home for some more chocolate and relaxing....and, in my case, knitting (although it’s killing my wrist joint!)

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