Today's first meeting started at 0800, and the last one finished at 1700. The morning meeting was planning the antipsychotic prescribing audit. It was a good group, and real progress was made toward getting it underway. The enthusiasm for the project and the energy in the room was uplifting.

Th late afternoon meeting did not quite make me question my sanity. There were four of us, all on above average salaries for an hour trying to sort out a problem which has arisen through some administrative fiat that took clinicians out of clinical work to do leadership work (non clinical) without replacing the clinical time and without money to pay for it. Our problem today was how to actually have enough staff to do the work that has to be done, when we have no money to pay them.

Not totally sure why I was there as I have no budgetary control or even influence.

The day was rescued by the clinical work I did at Maternal Mental Health. It feels good to be able to try and help women in such need of our services.

Riding home this evening, I stopped just into K Road to look for a photograph. The entry to the old Symonds Street cemetery runs from K Road past the Jewish cemetery. It is seen through the gaps in the trellis separating that cemetery from the open space leading to the larger cemetery. 

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