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By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 13: Lloc de Menorca

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Extras: Im with boa constrictor, Ring-tailed lemurs, Golden pheasant, Leucistic peacock
Other favourites: Jungle fowlCaught out, Running off, Mutual grooming, Scale iridescence, Pleased with pal, Perky peacocks, Amusing interaction, Suli up close

What a day... We visited the Centre Zoologic Lloc de Menorca; I've known about it for years, but never visited. Zoos have the potential to be rather depressing, but Menorca Zoo wasn't: it was charming, characterful, and the (mostly rescue) animals seemed well situated, in high morale, and healthy.
We saw all sorts: terrapins and tortoises, crocodiles and caimans, ostriches and emus, and wallabies with joeys...They've primates (crab-eating macaques, marmosets, ring-tailed lemurs, red-ruffed lemurs, cotton-top tamarins), domestics (inc. rabbits, guinea pigs, and ducks), reptiles (inc. blue-tongued skinks, boa constrictors, and a reticulated python), farm animals (inc. cockerels, cows, pigs, and goats), birds of prey, and koi carp. The local fauna sneaks in too (inc. wall lizards, bees, and grasshoppers...).

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This day's photos can be seen here (or right from here)

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