airedaleknitter & Me ~ backblip

Another sunny day in Skipton and a Blipmeet with the very lovely airedaleknitter whose personality was as sunny as the day and I thoroughly enjoyed her company.  She kindly showed me even more craft shops which I had missed yesterday, we chatted and chatted over coffee by the canal and Mr T came to join us for a narrow boat ride on a picturesque stretch of the canal.  The only downside of our meeting was that we hadn't asked MidgeholeDave to join us and he and his lovely wife would come had they not been busy today and we'd given them more notice.  There will be a next time though.

Thank you for your charming company today ak, it was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with you and on your recommendation in the afternoon Mr T and I went to Saltaire and the Salts Museum where there was, amongst lots of other interesting things, a huge Hockney Exhibition.

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