By SilverLady

Nature Diary ... Seasons

It was a beautiful day with blue sky, sunshine, and temperatures of 20°C. Birds were singing, a very gentle breeze was blowing and this late summer/early autumn day was bordering on perfection.

A friend and I drove across the countryside quietly chatting about what to have for lunch in Haskins Garden Center, enjoying the relative peacefulness of roads very much quieter than they had been during the height of the tourist season.

It was in this soporific sort of mood that we strolled into Haskins looking forward to our lunch.... and Oh My Word what a shock assaulted our senses.... it was like the transformation of a scene in a movie, and we stood transfixed with astonishment as our senses tried to adjust. It was like being in a giant Santa's Grotto for in every direction there were Christmas decorations, serenaded by non-stop Christmas carols playing over the tannoy.

As we looked round for our innocent Hyacinth bulbs to plant in bowls ready to bloom by Christmas, nearly 3 months away, we saw in every direction Christmas ornaments, Christmas trees, and Christmas gifts. Hungry though we were, we found it somewhat nauseating, but managed to make some jovial acerbic quips about asking for Easter eggs and looking sad when no doubt the assistants would look confused and point out it was nowhere near Easter yet. Ditto Christmas.

Well, we had lunch, bought our chosen colours of Hyacinths and a bag of bulb fibre, quietly left the world of Narnia and headed over to the anticipated sanity of Hobbycraft, a store we've loved since the children were little. Yes, normality reigned and we shopped in peace and quiet enjoying the lovely art and craft items sold there. As we made our way serenely to the pay point we shared a giggle about our failure to find any Easter eggs... and then BLAM!!! there they were, beside the till. Cunningly disguised in coloured foil with funny faces instead of little chicks, but still a small chocolate cream egg. Unbelievable. Well, to celebrate our Easter Egg Hunt success we laughed, bought one each and ate them in the car, then drove contentedly home admiring the beautiful October sunset and very, very glad that Christmas comes but once a year – at least in our own personal, peaceful worlds it does.

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