Coming in to land!

Playing with the new camera I was pushing things a bit here. Full zoom, on "intelligent zoom", filming a burst in 4K, and then picking a still frame, which the camera converts to a jpeg.
The result is a little grainy but there's drama too. I obviously thought it worthwhile, because here it is!
Watching frame by frame you see how incredibly acrobatic these birds are. This particular one grabs the seed and then swings upside down, before letting go and dropping away into flight. Sometime I must put together a sequence as a collage, but no time just now.
No cycling today but we used the sunny day to put away a lot of garden furniture, drain the water butts, and chop and stack a pile of logs cut from the tree that blew down recently.
The day ended with our first "film studio" in town, watching a Spanish film, "A Fantastic Woman". It actually got TWO 5 star reviews, 2017 and 2018, in the Guardian and deservedly so!
Although it's a very tragic film in many ways I would love to watch it again to find even more of the details that made it so magic.

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