National Poetry Day: Change

Change is the theme for today's National Poetry Day so, although I'm a creature of habit and was on the golf course as normal on a Thursday, I thought I'd change the appearance of this shot looking across from the 7th fairway towards the 6th fairway and 5th green with a bit of faffing.

Needless to say, I managed to post exactly the same score as I did on Tuesday!

This afternoon was spent playing with Sophie before we took her back to meet Kate.

The Poetry Day website (
has a selection of change-themed poems. I'd not seen this one of Thomas Hardy's before and, as I'm reading Margaret Drabble's "The Dark Flood Rises" at the moment, which is all about growing old and confronting one's mortality, this one struck a chord:


Portion of this yew
Is a man my grandsire knew,
Bosomed here at its foot:
This branch may be his wife,
A ruddy human life
Now turned to a green shoot.

These grasses must be made
Of her who often prayed,
Last century, for repose;
And the fair girl long ago
Whom I often tried to know
May be entering this rose.

So, they are not underground,
But as nerves and veins abound
In the growths of upper air,
And they feel the sun and rain,
And the energy again
That made them what they were!

Thomas Hardy

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