By AnthonyBailey

Carlos Acosta – A Celebration

...Albert Hall, Kensington

....’The company are mostly full of attack, lines snapping into place with verve, and they always look like they’re having a lot of fun. As they do in a noisy flamenco interlude in Carmen, a work originally choreographed by Acosta for the Royal Ballet in 2015 and now reworked, for the better. They stamp and dance on tables with authentic Hispanic sexiness. You don’t get this kind of hip rolling at the Royal Ballet. The work’s fusion of forms – contemporary earthiness, Latin flair, Carmen on pointe – also works better outside the formality of the Opera House. Acosta wants to entertain (not always a given in dance) and when he arrives on stage as toreador Escamillo, he gets some ballet power moves to cement his status. His choreography has some nice turns of phrase and set pieces, although it’s difficult for any choreographer to keep romantic pas de deux endlessly inventive.'
Lyndsey Winship, Guardian

...Acosta Danza

...Carlos Acosta

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