By Angelique


The weather was not as forecast, thank goodness.  Instead we had lovely warm benign sunshine with a gentle breeze.

I had intended to share a capture of Oscar and Phoebe playing on the beach but as we sauntered through the gentle rippling waves these small gulls took flight.  Just happened to catch one photo.

We are very busy organising an "Evening of Song with Then & Now"  which takes place in November at the Crantock Village Hall.  We will perform over 24 songs plus a 10 song quiz.  So having to keep my voice in good shape.

Also this Sunday I am in a specially written play about all the saints who established the local churches.  Typecast again as I'm playing the Crantock dragon!! 

So what with all that and overseeing the future of Adrian and Matthew and finding somewhere to live, life is hectic!

As you smile to someone you meet you never know how that one gesture could 'speak' volumes to them plus it will lift your heart also. xxxxx

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