Flower Friday - Flowery Seeds

I found these flowers today hiding amongst the weeds, in fact they’re probably weeds themselves. The flower is made up of many little flowers and each little flower has a seed similar to a dandelion seed attached to its bottom. All the little flowers fall out and fly away when you pick it which is obviously a great way to disperse the seeds! I had to pick another one very carefully so that i could bring it home to play! :o)

Made a nice image with the blue bokeh behind.

I’m fading fast and its only 10pm. We had to get up early to get organized and shut down everything then to let our electrician into our work area as he had to have the power off for a couple of hours while he was working.

Thank goodness its Friday night ahhhh.....I’ll catch up with you all over the weekend, nighty night blippers! :o)xxx

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