Desperately seeking

By clickychick

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Don't we just love to be reminded that we're old enough to remember Perry Como!

OK so I bought a tub of meal worm, dried ones, I couldn't cope with slaughter on the bird table with the live ones! However, my chances, as I am at work in daylight hours, of seeing and snapping my local robin are close to zero!

The man keeps nagging me about my Christmas cards! Oh, dear! I got so desperate for a robin shot that I took this one while I was setting up my Christmas window at the shop today.

Alas! I had no tripod! Alas, I had no assistant!

Scattering snow with the left hand whilst clicking with the right hand resulted in a lot of mess! Should I text Jennie to warn her of the chaos she will encounter tomorrow?

NO! She had it coming! She only had herself to blame! She bought the robin. She bought the snowflakes. It's all her fault I had a crazy time between customers!

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