Art is amazing. It expresses something deep, primal...things that are often hard to explain in words. I love visiting new places to see how the culture represents its past, its history to the outside. I love hearing explanations about what I observe from locals, getting the "inside story" as it were.
I saw this Madonna and child on a wall, not in a prominent place at all.. despite its seclusion it had been carved with care and attention to detail. The fact that few were ever going to see it didn't in any way cause the artist to skimp on the detail. S/he wanted to serve the subject matter well. In this case the image was of a young woman, probably a 15 or 16 year old, with a child. The image wasn't over sentimentalised, and yet it radiated serenity, acceptance.
 What a lasting tribute to the unknown artist that s/he hadn't rendered their name on the carving. What mattered was that people saw the subject. What a gift and a selfless act of generosity from which we all should learn.

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