By LmiriamC


On our neighborhood route, there is a home that is always decked out for Halloween. This creepster is clinging to a tree in their front yard and I thought it was a good subject for the seasonal MM. 

Made it to the gym this morning too. I have been going at about the same time a lot lately and have been noticing some of the other regulars. One thing I like about this gym is the diversity of the patrons. You can find anybody from a young stud (male or female), lifting free weights, to ancient folks, tottering around with the help of their trusty walkers, and everything in between.

There is this pair of older Asian ladies who sit on two recumbent bicycles - neither one of them peddles very much. One lies back on a towel and looks up at the TV, and if I didn't know better, I'd swear she was getting a pedicure. The other just sort of stares around. Today, I got a further clue when I saw the second lady hanging on to the arm of a gentleman (probably her husband), as he led her out of the gym. And the other lady followed. I think she is just there to keep her friend (perhaps with dementia) company. She just peddles now and again to assert possession of the machine. I think they are sweet.

I saw my ex-trainer too and thanked him yet again for being a good man.

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