By JoeyG

Snappy Day

Took myself for a four mile walk along the coast from Fleetwood Ferry to Rossall School today. Had a lazy start, didn’t get out ‘til late morning, did the walk, jumped the tram to Dad’s for work. I managed three hours before it became clear that the recent go-live to digital has not worked all too well. There was no work on the system for me, so I decided I had better things to do.

Turns out I didn’t. Pretty much caught up on some tele whilst feeling sorry for myself. One of those days. Managed to crawl up the stairs to body is in an act of rebellion for walking so far, it’s been a while and she’s not happy with me now....! Hey ho. She’ll thank me for it one day :D

The walk was good though, beautiful weather, quite warm actually. Took loads of snaps of things I found along the way...see extras. Gorgeous amount of poppies arranged around church fences in fleetwood, really stunning.

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