Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Four years on and I know better

My first ever blip was a heron (see here) which in my ignorance I called a blue heron. I now know they are white faced herons. Blue herons are much more rare and are generally known as reef herons.
It seemed appropriate to blip yet another white faced heron today although I have added a wide angle image for wide wednesday. Wid Wed has become a favourite challenge as well. It was Hobbs who taught us a lot about using wide angles and so I am going to quote Mr Hobbs when I say thankyou to you all for the stars, hearts and most importantly the lovely comments left on the daisy yesterday. I have read them all but what with visiting a sick sister in law and an elderly neighbour and getting the garden tidy and tied down for an approaching storm I haven't had time to thank you individually.
Plus I got side tracked looking up what the Maori god for wind is to go with the cloud. It looks as if someone is blowing the cloud from its mouth. Thanks to Wikipedia I now know it is Tāwhirimātea (or Tāwhiri) God of weather including winds. There are names for all the types of wind and this one is

Ao-tākawe a hurrying on wind.
Enough learning for the day = ka kite ano= I will see you tomorrow
and leave the last word to hobbs.

"I couldn't agree with you more about blippers. Fabulous bunch ."

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